Your Diet Might Be Causing Halitosis

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Almost a quarter of the population is affected by bad breath, and your diet might be contributing to that. Depending on what you eat, you could be causing your bad breath.

Our dentists, Dr. Kyle Sheets, is passionate about making sure every patient is healthy and happy. That’s why our team at Sheets Family Dentistry in Fowler, Indiana, want you to know about how your diet can be affecting your breath.

When it comes to your breath, it is not only what foods you are eating, but also which foods you are avoiding that can lead to bad breath. Low-carb diets, where you remove breads, pastas and sugars from your diet, can cause halitosis.

With low-carb diets it leads your body to burn fat instead of the carbohydrates that have been removed in your diet. When your body burns fat it produces ketones, which is a bad smelling end-product of the process of your body burning fat for energy. By changing your diet to a well-rounded diet which includes carbohydrates, you can help your breath smell better.

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