Has it Been Too Long Since You Saw the Dentist?

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What has it been, a year? Maybe more? That is the average length of time that most people see the dentist. It’s even worse for those who have dental anxiety or poor dental insurance. They only go when they have a problem. This is a bad idea. There are very good reasons why you should make bi-annual trips to the dentist. Here are two of the best ones:

You need regular, professional teeth cleaning that only the dentist can provide. We have the expertise and tools to give you a thorough cleaning that you cannot get from daily brushing and flossing alone, no matter how frequently you do it. Your dental hygienist will remove calcified tartar and plaque with a special scraping instrument made for the task. Then, your teeth will be flossed and polished with another special tool that applies an abrasive paste. This polishing will get rid of any residual plaque and tartar that was missed. It makes your teeth more difficult for plaque to take hold between visits.

Once your pearly whites are shiny and clean, the dentist will make an examination of any problem areas in your mouth. If you haven’t had an x-ray in awhile, they may want to take some pics to take a look. they will be looking closely behind the teeth and gums with a small mirror and a metal probe. Your dentist is looking for signs of decay or gum disease, mouth sores, redness or swelling. Catching issues early is a prime concern for your dentist. Serious problems like oral cancer is always something that the dentist will be on the look-out for. If a potential problem is found your dentist will share their expertise and give sage advice. If they cannot fix the issue, you will be referred to an expert in the field.

If you haven’t seen a dentist in over 6 months, don’t delay. Call Drs. Robin and Kyle Sheets and our team at Sheets Family Dentistry. You can make an appointment at: 765-884-0018, or come by our office in Fowler, Indiana.